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PUBR 241. Public Relations
1.0 course credit

An examination of contemporary theory and practice. Students will study the history and
presentations, features, etc.). Students will analyze case studies and will carry out a public
relations campaign.

Prerequisite: COMM 101.

PUBR 363. Media and Public Relations Writing
1.0 course credit

A broadcast media and public relations writing course providing practical experience in the
creation of commercial and noncommercial materials for radio, television, print and news media.


PUBR 367. Layout and Design
1.0 course credit 

502 Bad Gateway

Applications include Web site design and the creation and implementation of media projects
(promotional graphics, printed materials, photo-illustrations). Combines application of
communication theory with practice in developing successful projects.

Prerequisite: COMM 101. Offered each year.

PUBR 491. Public Relations Cases
1.0 course credit

This course is designed as the culminating experience for Public Relations majors. It will

it to
current communication campaigns.

Prerequisite: Senior Public Relations major or approval of instructor.

PUBR 493. Internship
1.0 to 2.0 course credits

An experience designed to allow the student to use in-the-field concepts and ideas developed
during major study and to help prepare the student for employment.

Prerequisites: Junior standing and prior approval. May be repeated for credit.